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We value hard work, respect, honesty and integrity. This is why we focus on providing a comprehensive service that exceeds the expectations of our customers.

ZIP CALPULES offers users the organization, infrastructure and services of an industrial park, including:

Energia solar renovable

Bank and ATMs

Perimeter security

Customs office


Drinking water


Cargo Parking

Parking Users

telephone lines

A/C Maintenance

General Maintenance

Collection of

classified garbage

Collection center 

for recycling

Bilingual Service

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Industrial park

ZIP CALPULES offers the most complete services to guarantee the maximum level of operability and functionality to our investors and developers. 

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Description General 
of the buildings

The industrial buildings are built in modules of 1,500 m² (25m x 60.0m long). These modules can be connected to provide larger areas (3,000 m², 4,500 m² and 6,000m², etc.), adaptable to customer needs.

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Industrial warehouses ready for immediate occupation

Assistance in acquisition of permits and licenses

Project management

Legal assistance

Security Services

And much more.

We are open to negotiate from a warehouse-type building to very sophisticated facilities full of improvements. All lease terms are applicable and our policy is to invite the client to discuss and hope for a mutually beneficial agreement.

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